Lol Darby

Founder & Head Coach
  • Level 3 personal trainer
  • Online coach
  • Pre and Post Natal Training
  • Nutrition qualification
  • Biomedical science degree

My journey … when I started I knew I wanted to change my body but I didn’t know where to start. I felt overwhelmed with the amount of new information there was to learn. I was scared of eating nice food because I thought I would gain fat, which lead to me over restricting myself

I was intimidated by the gym, didn’t know if I was doing exercises right, or even if I was doing the right exercises.

At the time, I was studying for my degree in Biomedical so I spent some time learning the science behind training , I applied this to my training, started to see the results I wanted, and this is when I fell in love with training!💪 I went on to do my qualifications so I could help other women do the same

This is why I do what I do, I changed my life and it makes me so happy to see other women doing too and becoming, happier stronger and more confident versions of them self.

Once I actually learned about nutrition, I started to understand balance and that you can still enjoy pizza, pasta and chocolate and achieve your goals if you understand how - I vowed to try to help as many women as possible leave behind fad diets forever!

I love watching my team transform their body, but also their confidence mental health and overall well being too 🥰

...and after years of experience I have helped hundreds of women get their dream body and transform forever!